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Service Plans

North Mississippi Computers (NMC) Service Plans are designed to keep your computer(s) in peak condition. When desktops, laptops, servers, and tablets fail, it costs your business valuable time and profits. We offer cost-saving service plans designed to keep your PCs and servers running to reduce downtime and prevent loss of business.

  • Prompt and reliable on-site troubleshooting
  • Professional attitude from NMC Technicians
  • Priority service included at no additional rush fee
  • Minimal server or computer downtime for your business
  • Monthly check-ups on your computer(s)
  • After-hours service available at a discount (6PM-Midnight)
  • Hardware and software is additional and will be billed separately
  • Additional labor outside the scope of the plan will be billed separately

If the issue(s) cannot be fixed on-site, the computer will be removed long enough for the technician to complete repairs at NMC with priority service to minimize downtime. We are dedicated to reducing downtime to help your company not lose business due to computer or server issues.

North Mississippi Computers is “Your IT Department!”

  • $99monthly
  • Priority Service
  • 1-2 PC Stations
  • Monthly courtesy check-in
  • Monthly basic checkup tests
  • Catalog of system specifications
  • OS Backup quarterly
  • Labor Rates 5% off
  • Your personal IT Specialist
  • $199monthly
  • Preventative Plan plus
  • 3-5 PC Stations + Server
  • Up to 2 hours labor monthly as needed (After-hours service: $50 trip charge)
  • Bitdefender AntiVirus installed
  • ESET AntiVirus upgrade: 10% off license package
  • Labor Rates 10% off
  • Your personal IT specialist
  • $299monthly
  • 5PC/Server Plan plus
  • 6-10 PC Stations + Server
  • Up to 3 hours labor monthly as needed (After-hours service: $50 trip charge)
  • ESET AntiVirus 2-User/1-Year License included and installed
  • Labor Rates 15% off
  • Your personal IT specialist

Service Plan Subscriptions

Call John at North Mississippi Computers (662) 327-1852 for an on-site consultation to select the best plan for your needs.